Ultimate Match is a future scenario project.
It aims to use design as a tool to provoke thinking, and to help avoid undesired consequences.
Ultimate Match is a service that is situated in a future world with severe pollution, unequal access to technology, and an ever-increasing demand for technology that supports emotional needs.
It provides a mixed reality dating experience and matches users with their ultimate matches by an intense filtering system and an AI-empowered[sic] personality analysis. The project showcases a series of potential design solutions that meet people's desires but might lead romance to an undesired direction.
For example, the personality analysis takes the form of the user's dream date's avatar. Instead of going through endless personality questions or adjusting filters, the user can enjoy dating his/her dream date in the mixed reality world while getting their personality analyzed.
If the romantic experience with an AI is itself perfect, will you keep dating the AI instead of going through real challenges to date a less ideal human?