Immersive Cabin Experience

A research aims to reduce visual induced motion sickness in future scenario

Boeing is planning to provide the passengers with the magical flying experience by filling the cabin space with projected animation.

Although the new technology will help to create a refreshing environment, it can also create problems if the immersive content was designed inconsiderately.

Boeing composed initial guideline for the airlines to eliminate the potential undesired consequence — visually induced motion sickness.

This research project aims to ensure the immersive experience by further validating the initial design guideline in detail through secondary research and EEG test analysis.



One Technical Fellowship Researcher from Boeing
Two other designers from Boeing Research & Technology

Tsinghua University

One professor from the Design School of Tsinghua University
One professor from the Psychology School of Tsinghua University
Students from Tsinghua University


Project Lead
My contributions to the project are:
Defined the technical contract and budget
Reviewed deliverables from Tsinghua University
Supported the Boeing designers and Tsinghua’s Students during project execution
Report progress and result to the Boeing Research & Technology Global President